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Impact & Growth Project Officer (Marketing, Strategic Communications) - Volunteer

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Impact & Growth Project Officer (Marketing, Strategic Communications) - Volunteer

January 2021

SDSN Youth (SDSN Association)

Worldwide, Remote

SDSN Youth Background

At SDSN Youth, we empower young people to take meaningful action on the Sustainable Development Goals. By joining our global team, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development. SDSN Youth would not be able to exist without its vast network of volunteers, a truly global team brought together to achieve one mission - empowering youth to achieve the SDGs. However, we can only continue to contribute to our mission if we are able to attract the right people into our organization.

Impact & Growth Team background

SDSN Youth’s SDG Impact and Growth team is focused on ensuring the sustainability and growth of SDSN Youth by mobilizing financial and strategic resources to implement the SDSN Youth vision and leverage its impact. We lead the strategic planning and growth efforts, working towards scaling SDSN Youth’s organizational development. Our work focuses on engaging and building strong relations with key stakeholders and donors in the SDG sector to mobilize resources and strategic action to spark development and innovation towards accelerating SDG solutions and position youth at the forefront to achieve SDGs.

In 2022, we are launching the SDSN Youth Seed Fund Awards, a new initiative that is integral to our mission of continuing to create new and actionable pathways for our youth network by providing you access to the resources and support our youth members need to address the SDGs in your communities, cities and countries.


We are looking for someone to lead our communications and marketing strategy for the upcoming launch for the SDSN Youth Seed Fund Awards initiative.

The Marketing and Strategic Communications Officer will work closely with the Impact & Growth Project Lead to spearhead all creative initiatives. You’ll use your creativity and communications skills to help promote the launch of the seed fund and other initiatives. These initiatives will help the I&G team and organization promote our efforts to our youth network, and prospective funders, sponsors and partners, allowing us to work together to achieve our mission of empowering youth globally to create sustainable solutions.

Candidates with experience in digital communications, visual identity, storytelling, or strategic marketing will be highly regarded.

You will be empowered to support the building and implementation of a creative communications and outreach strategy, working with various internal stakeholders in order to gather data for your creative efforts. There will be opportunities to work with other project officers and members of other teams.


  • Communications strategy
    • Overseeing the communications strategy relating to the SDSN Youth Seed Fund Awards, including the development of new media partnerships for the dissemination of the work of SDSN Youth Seed Fund Awards Initiative

  • Digital Communications
    • Handle the digital outreach efforts for new initiatives like the Seed Fund
    • Create and design various materials for digital and print collateral
    • Develop and edit written and visual content optimized for various communications channels including press release statements, blogs, articles and social media

  • Visual Design
    • Using research and information produced by the team, create visual assets for social media to represent the information clearly

  • Help refine messaging, create social media content and graphics

  • Work closely with the global Communications Team to follow global branding guidelines

  • Content creation
    • Writing press releases and promotion materials, and other relevant materials for media outlets, including websites, blogs, newspapers;

  • Contributing to the Impact & Growth Initiatives team’s innovation and growth work on seed fund award initiative;

  • Media relations
    • Managing media partnerships

  • SDSN Youth-wide Marketing & Strategic Communications (optional)
    • This Project Officer can also choose to contribute to other marketing/communications projects within SDSN Youth

Please note: As a virtual network, it is IMPORTANT for Project Officers to communicate effectively with their Project Leader and report back consistently. In a network, which operates across several time zones, reporting and communicating proactively is crucial.

Role Qualifications

The The Project Officer (Marketing, Strategic Communications,), Impact & Growth will be someone who:

  • Is organized, driven and can work autonomously
  • Has impeccable communication skills
  • Enjoys visual storytelling and creative media.
  • Enjoys problem-solving, and works well with people.

Preferred qualifications:

  • The candidate has experience in branding strategy
  • Is completing/have completed a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Graphic Design, Media Arts, or related fields
  • Has supported or led communications initiatives
  • Has knowledge and experience of graphic design and layout for print and web
  • Has knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Canva and other graphic design software and design practices such as, brand development, user-centered experience design and digital design
  • Has an interest in sustainable development, and is passionate about the mission of the SDSN, including the pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.
  • The candidate has experience with animation or video editing. (desirable but not required)
  • Is able to demonstrate that they have the time and resources to commit to this role – candidates with too many overlapping commitments will be exempt from running for this position
  • Has an excellent eye for detail
  • Excellent command of the English language, including writing, speaking and listening.
  • Able to demonstrate that they have the time and resources to commit to this role – candidates with too many overlapping commitments will be exempt from running for this position

Minimum qualifications:

  • The candidate has experience with strategic online communications, social media management, digital marketing or other related fields
  • Experience in copywriting and content creation
  • The candidate has experience in graphic design, animation, or other creative medias
  • Experience in monitoring website and social media analytics
  • The candidate has an existing portfolio of work to demonstrate design style
  • The candidate has some professional or volunteer work experience in a team
  • Experience with user engagement and customer support
  • Knowledgeable about startup ecosystems, social innovation, and acceleration/incubation
  • Be a proven team player with excellent interpersonal skills and ability to coordinate and manage workload across several projects/teams
  • Candidate demonstrates a reasonable understanding of SDSN Youth’s mission
  • Candidate has a reasonable understanding of the SDGs
  • Candidate is detail oriented, has good organizational skills and excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Be aged between 18-30 in order to be eligible for this role (exceptions may apply)
  • Must be responsive and able to manage regular communication with the team - including after-hours conference calls, as the network spans 10 different time zones.


Total Weekly Hours:

  • 8+ hours per week

Estimated weekly breakdown:

  • 5 Hours – External relations and partnership discussions
  • 5 Hours – Drafting of articles, press releases, reports, and other documents
  • 2 Hours – Media strategy


  • Duration of Position: The first term is 12 months in total, with a 2 months trial period in the beginning. However, subject to review of work performance, this position may be extended on a 12-month basis.
  • Reporting: This position reports to the Impact and Growth Project Officer Lead.
  • Payment: Voluntary
  • Training: All Project Officers are required to complete all SDSN Youth online induction courses, including team training.

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