SDSN Youth

Local Volunteer (Expression of Interest) - Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal and Nigeria - Volunteer

Part-Time in Worldwide - Networks

At SDSN Youth, we empower young people to take meaningful action on the Sustainable Development Goals. By joining our global team, you will be working with a diverse and exceptional group of individuals with a variety of cultural, religious and political backgrounds, committed to sustainable development.

This is an Expression of Interest form for our local volunteer's team. These are short-term local positions with our national/regional network teams based in Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal and Nigeria.

The local volunteers can assist the networks on several fronts including:

  • Networking with Potential Member Institutions
  • Networking and collaborating with the NGOs
  • Fundraising and forming Partnerships with Youth-led organizations, startups
  • Attract media sponsorships
  • Providing Digital Media Resources: Posters, Video editing etc. (Content Creation)
  • Posting relevant SDG-related research content/ articles on Social Media etc.
  • Promoting the SDGs and relevant events on Social Media
  • Scouting & Consulting Member Organizations
  • Providing an additional Pool of Creative Ideas
  • Assisting in Event Organization

We are recruiting for any of the three types of roles:

  1. Fundraising and Partnerships
  2. Communication (Social Media Management, Member Engagement)
  3. Project Planning (Events, Actions, Campaigns)